The tourism and leisure industry consumes significant amounts of energy through the operation of various facilities, transportation systems, and recreational activities.

This includes accommodation facilities, transportation, tourist attractions, and recreational activities. However, there is a growing focus on adopting energy-efficient technologies, using renewable energy sources, and promoting sustainable practices to minimise the industry’s environmental impact and create a more sustainable tourism experience.

Hotels, resorts, and other types of accommodation require significant energy for heating, cooling, lighting, and providing essential services to guests.

Many hotels and resorts are adopting renewable energy sources, such as solar panels or heat pump (geothermal) systems, to power their operations. Energy-efficient practices, such as using LED lighting, installing smart thermostats, and implementing energy management systems, can help reduce energy consumption in accommodation facilities.

Tourism involves transportation, both for reaching the destinations and for getting around within them. This includes air travel, road transportation, rail services, and maritime activities.

Various tourist attractions, including theme parks, ski lifts, water parks, museums, zoos, and entertainment venues, are extremely high energy users for lighting, heating, air conditioning, and operation of rides or exhibits. Incorporating energy-efficient technologies and practices, such as efficient heating, chilling or HVAC systems and energy management systems, can help reduce energy consumption in these facilities and encourage responsible tourism behaviours to reduce carbon and create a more sustainable future.

Calibrate can help in this mission by proposing and installing solutions to transform an organisation’s energy profile and meet the Government’s agenda to reach net zero. We can support in making the transition to installing renewables, as well as upgrade or expand existing systems, making your business more sustainable and positively impact your bottom line and carbon profile.

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