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Calibrate Analytics & Air Source Heat Pump 

The Situation.

The Water Research Centre (WRC) is a provider of consultancy, technical services, accreditation schemes, research, innovation and training to customers in the water, waste and environment sectors worldwide. The WRC approached Calibrate looking for a solution to increase efficacies created by their current heat and chill generation and reduce the organisation’s carbon footprint. Heat requirements were met by an old gas boiler system which, at its most efficient, would produce 0.9kW of heat for every kW of gas used.

The Solution.

After a site assessment of the building and existing technologies, it was agreed that replacing the gas boiler with new renewable heat pump technology would dramatically optimise the operation. Calibrate’s innovative controller, Calibrate Analytics, was pulled into the WRC’s assets to assess current emissions and costs and model future savings in both cost and carbon dioxide. In this instance, due to the landscape and geography, an Air Source Heat Pump solution was proposed as the best fit for the business. Calibrate split the proposal into two phases with phase one consisting of a 300kW system providing both the heat and chill for the first building with a second phase for solar at a later date.

The Outcome.

  • Based on 200,00kW heat used, WRC is saving 29,798kg of Carbon dioxide – just shy of 30 tonnes per annum.
  • An efficiency of 325%.
  • For 1kW of power used, 3.25kW of heat is produced.
  • The solar array planned for phase two will support the ASHP system and further reduce their running costs overall.
  • The installation of a 280kW solar array alongside the ASHP, would enable the client to run the system for free, making the site 100% carbon neutral.

Please see our further case studies for more examples.

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