Supporting industry for heating, chilling and power generation systems.

If your business is in engineering or manufacturing, you will be what we class as a high energy-user To deliver this process and generate a large volume of product output, your business will consume large amounts of power, whether it be gas, diesel, electricity or other. The costs of this can be a substantial overhead. However, there is another way.

We will help you to identify your requirements and define a bespoke hassle-free ground source heat pump or Combined Heat and Power (CHP) system to heat your buildings and water, as well as power your processes, whilst making significant long term financial savings.

Our systems are designed around your needs and installed with minimal disruption to your day-to-day. We also offer a 20-year maintenance package for peace of mind.

To understand the real benefits to your business, please get in touch so that we can assess your requirements and help you to identify a more efficient and cost-effective solution.

  • Reduce day to day running costs
  • Adopt innovative technologies to help manage your business day-to-day

  • Realise a more sustainable future for your business
  • Help reduce your carbon footprint

Combined Heat and Power
Ground Source Heat Pump
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Certified and Accredited

Calibrate Energy is MCS accredited and GSHP Association members.
We have also achieved ISO9001 NQA status.

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