1607, 2021

Technical Manager

The role of the Technical Manager is to lead the technical and design elements of the business, including design functionality, performance and profitability. This involves management of the design process and design teams activities. Design management also includes design compliance with relevant standards and regulations, quality assurance supplier identification and control of spending.

1607, 2021

Project/ Operations Manager

Overall responsibility for the management of Calibrate Group Projects. Multiple simultaneous project deliveries, on time, on or below budget, with overall client satisfaction. Play a key role in ensuring the total performance of the business and Projects and Operations Team and to act as a communicator between the client, Calibrate and delivery team inclusive of sub-contractors and consultants.

Certified and Accredited

Calibrate Energy is MCS accredited and GSHP Association members.
We are also currently working towards achieving ISO9001 NQA status.

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