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Re-Calibrate… For extra performance and better bottom line we can help to improve your system in one of two ways…

1. Optimise your System

Are you struggling with an under-performing ground-source heat pump (GSHP) system?

Is it suffering breakdowns?

This will cause business disruption

Is its efficiency COP below the Ofgem guidance of 2.9?

This will cause an increase in operational costs. It could also result in a clawback of RHI tariff

Are your energy bills sky-high?

Energy bills are at an all-time high but there are ways to mitigate against this.

These will be causing all sorts of operational difficulties as well as costing and losing money. With energy prices on the rise, this pain point will be intensifying and the asset will increasingly be a drain rather than a benefit.

How can the system be optimised?

We provide a re-works service that will assess, address and enhance or replace a GSHP system installed by third parties in order to ensure that performance is maximised.


A new client came to us as their ground source 5MW pump had been installed by another supplier and was not performing as efficiently as it should. The system was costing £300,000 per year to run with a £600,000 return from Ofgem.

Calibrate identified some re-works that could be made to the system that would increase performance. An investment of £200,000 would increase the annual income on the system by an extra £150,000 per year, meaning a return on investment of under 1.5 years with the assurance of a significant extra income for years to come.

additional income per year
0 Years
return on investment

2. Expand your System

Equally, there may be modifications and additions that we can make to get extra capacity out of your current system.

If you have a non-domestic Ground Source Heat Pump on the RHI tariff with more capacity than you are using, you could benefit from extra output from your existing system through the option of “modifying capacity”. This does not include extending your existing ground array.

Any modified capacity added to your system will be paid at your original RHI certification rate and is pro rata from the time of the additional installation to the end of your existing RHI agreement.

For applicable clients, this presents an exciting opportunity to further generate revenue and offset your carbon footprint…

  • There is no need for any in-ground works as this is an addition to your existing ground array.
  • You will get paid on your original tariff rate for the additional capacity for the remainder of your tariff
  • The additional heat CAN’T be used for process heating but CAN be used for space and water heating and various other processes such as aquaponics, production sheds, vertical growing etc.

For example if you have enough capacity in your ground loop but only a 1MW GSHP, you could add another 1MW (we are a Mitsubishi-approved installer) and double your income on the RHI for the remainder of your tariff.


Add a 1MW heat pump to your existing system and 18 years on remaining tariff:

Extra revenue per annum
0 Years
return on new investment
total revenue after savings and costs on combined system

Certified and Accredited

Calibrate Energy is a member of the GSHP Association.
We have also achieved ISO9001 NQA status.

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