The Introduction.

Our 60kW Ground Source Heat pump System provides 100% of the heating for the restaurant and the farmhouse. It’s a great solution as there is an existing 50KW solar system to provide electricity to turn the heat pump system which further cuts down the operational expenses.

The Figures.

The Heat pump system will earn / save £8609 in the first year, the Renewables Finance Loan is paid off in 6 years and the inflation adjusted earnings and savings will total £151,321 over the 20 year tariff.

The Conclusion.

The use of a pre-fabricated plant room increased security onsite and reduced the installation time. The client has opted for a 20 year warranty package that ensures that the tariff generation is maximised and all service and maintenance costs are fixed.

Calibrate have managed the process from proposals and planning through to commissioning with no disruption to our business. The whole process has exceeded my expectations.

Managing Partner, Restaurant

Project Details


September 2015




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