Dairy Farm

Intelligent Hands Off Heat Pump Systems

The Introduction.

The dairy farm based in West Yorkshire process 1,000,000 litres of milk and cream per week at their onsite processing factory. A 998kW Heat Chill Heat pump has been installed with 26km of in-ground pipework to benefit from the Government backed 20yr RHI scheme to pre heat the pasteurisation process, heat the packing sheds and hot water. The free by-product of this heating process is chilling. This is used to assist the chilling of the milk, cream and cold stores.

The Process.

This solution is fully automated to provide efficient heating and chilling, maximising and monitoring every aspect of the system via our in house designed and built remote access control system. To maintain the required chilling by-product 50,000 litres of water for the factory processes per day is being heated. At the times when the heat pump is heating, there is 100% fossil fuel replacement. 80% free chilling while there is a heating demand down to 0°c for the milk, cream and cold stores results in increased savings.

The Figures.

  • £2,704,043* of projected income and savings with the 20 year Government Tariff
  • A 4 year pay back
  • 35°c at 350% heating efficiency
  • 1°c at 300% chilling efficiency
  • Total energy efficiency of 650%

The Conclusion.

An intelligent bespoke Calibrate Controller ensures that the system is operated remotely for all tariff monitoring and peace of mind, a true ‘Hands-off Heatpump Heat Chill solution’. The Calibrate 20 year maintenance and extended warranty package means that there is no unexpected expenditure for the lifetime of the tariff.


March 2019


Dairy Farm


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