Berwick Potato Farm

Intelligent Hands Off Heat Pump Systems

The Introduction.

The potato farm has 2400 acres of arable land in the Scottish Borders growing a variety of commodities including; potatoes, swede, grain and oil seed rape. The installation of a 1996kw Ground Source Heat pump has enabled the business to reduce fossil fuel expenditure, increase efficiency of the existing business and also benefit from the 20 year RHI scheme.

Project Details


August 2019


Potato Farm


The Process.

Having designed the system with the client to ensure it was best suited to the individual needs of their business. 34,000m of underground pipe takes the heat that is naturally occurring in the ground and multiplies that through the Heat pump. Using a mixture of Heat Exchangers and Plate Exchangers, hot air and hot water is provided through a fully automated system. The pre heated air is directed into the grain dryer, drying floor and workshops. The hot water used for cleaning equipment provides 100% fossil fuel replacement all whilst also benefiting from the RHI scheme. This enables the client to maximise his cost savings by utilising the free by-product, chilling, to satisfy 80% of the chill load in the cold stores using a non-toxic glycol system.

The Figures.

  • 4 year pay back
  • 35°c at 350% heating efficiency
  • 1°c at 300% chilling efficiency
  • Total energy efficiency of 650%

The Conclusion.

By using Calibrate’s site specific control system we are able to provide an efficient and effective solution to the carbon foot print and cost benefit to your existing system whilst also providing expansion options into the future. The exclusive Calibrate 20yr maintenance and extended warranty package means that there are no unexpected expenditure for the lifetime of the tariff.

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