The Introduction.

This is an ambitious farming operation that has experienced huge growth year upon year. This Calibrate GSHP Heat / Chill system is designed to support this growth and reduce the operation costs. Trade Solutions Ltd are based close to Blairgowrie in Scotland. Specialising in soft fruit purees, IQF fruit and natural flavours. A 1996kW Ground Source Heat Pump (GSHP) was specifically designed to achieve the best efficiencies with a heating output of 20-35°c and a chilling output of 0-10°c. 30,000m of in-ground pipework has been installed to defrost the fruit, chill fruit juice and dry fruit pulp.

The Process.

This solution is fully automated to provide efficient simultaneous heating and chilling, maximising efficiency via the remote access control system. The heating is used to dry fruit pulp, while the chilling by[1]product chills fruit juices and extracts post sterilisation process. The GSHP will achieve 80% of the total chilling requirement while generating the Government Tariff through the heating of the water to defrost frozen fruit.

The Figures.

  • A 4 year payback on the 20 year scheme
  • 0°c at 300% chilling efficiency
  • 35°c at 350% heating efficiency
  • Total energy efficiency of 650% The Conclusion.

The Conclusion.

Calibrate has been re-engaged by Mr Thomson to install a second system. This is testament to the delivery and the after sales care he has experienced. An intelligent bespoke Calibrate Controller ensures that the system is operated remotely for all tariff monitoring and peace of mind, a true ‘Hands-off Heatpump Heat Chill solution’. The Calibrate 20 year maintenance and extended warranty package means that there is no unexpected expenditure for the lifetime of the tariff

I commissioned Calibrate to install a bespoke heating and chilling system for my fruit processing and sterilisation process. The project was delivered and managed with great communication, it was a pleasure working with the Calibrate team. I would definitely recommend Calibrate and their innovative systems as a way of reducing your carbon footprint and future proofing your business.

Mr Thomson, Trade Solutions Ltd

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January 2022


Trade Solutions Ltd


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