Potato Farm in Shropshire

Intelligent Hands Off Heat Pump Systems

The Introduction.

A potato farm in Shropshire process 36,000 tonnes of potatoes per annum at their plant. A 3992kW Heat Chill Heatpump has been installed with 30,000km of in-ground pipework to service: the pre-heating of the air onto their Alvan Blanche Grain Dryer, warm water for the potato washer, warming of the grading shed and washdown, as well as Heat Chill Box drying floor.

The Process.

This solution is fully automated to provide simultaneous heating and chilling, maximising efficiency via the remote access control system.The chilling by-product achieves 80% of the annual kW usage as a secondary back up to the existing chillers in the 12 potato stores as well as pre chilling and conditioning the grain prior to storage.

The Figures.

  • £9.7 million of projected income and savings with the 20 year Government Tariff
  • 4 year pay back
  • 35°c at 350% heating efficiency
  • 0°c at 300% chilling efficiency
  • Total energy efficiency of 650%
  • Peak heating and cooling Heating 1996Kw Chilling 1,200Kw
  • Ground loop 26,000m
  • Annual CO2 savings 650 tonnes per annum

The Conclusion.

80% free chilling while there is a heating demand down to 0°C for the potato and chill stores results in increased savings. An intelligent bespoke Calibrate Controller ensures that the system is operated remotely for all tariff monitoring and peace of mind, a true ‘Hands-off Heatpump Heat Chill solution’. The Calibrate 20 year maintenance and extended warranty package means that there is no unexpected expenditure for the lifetime of the tariff.

“Calibrate have delivered a system that operates seamlessly alongside my existing technology while meeting timeframes with great communication. Their team have managed each step of the process exceeding expectations and I look forward to working with Calibrate for the 20yr duration of the tariff. Calibrate are a great solution for businesses trying to add another un-disruptive income stream.”

Business Owner, Potato Farm in Shropshire

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February 2022


Potato Farm


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