Heatpump Grain Drying

Heatpump Grain Drying by the Experts in Energy

A heatpump system manages a revolutionary grain drying process.
Our heatpump grain dryers are customised and manufactured in our workshop and delivered to site ready to use.
A bespoke controller can operate the grain dryer via a cloud-based system, enabling Calibrate to monitor all aspects of the process online.

What is a Heatpump Grain Drying Heat / Chill system?

A Heatpump Grain Drying System uses heat naturally occurring in the ground, the heat is increased with a 350% efficient heatpump to the required heating output whilst deriving the 20 year Government RHI tariff. A bi-product of the heatpump’s heating cycle is chilled water, this is used to dehumidify the recirculated air through the grain as well as chilling the grain to anywhere between 10c to 15c below ambient.

Static Drying Floor Example

The heatpump grain drying solution is very flexible, it can be bolted on to an existing grain dryer or can be purchased as a completed solution.
The heatpump system uses a ‘cool only’ function at the end of the cycle to ensure the grain is at any temperature you require prior to storage.

Continuous Flow Grain Drying Example

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