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Welcome to Calibrate Energy 

Calibrate Energy is a leading provider of intelligent ‘hands off’ commercial Heatpump systems, designed to save energy costs for businesses. Our expertise lies in harnessing the natural energy resources surrounding a building to provide clients with reliable, low cost heating though integrated Heatpump systems. We’re passionate that the solutions we provide are second to none: proven by our successful history of application in the UK and internationally. Our expert team of engineers, scientists and consultants give us a commercial edge that is unique in the industry. 
Our key point of difference is that we only do larger commercial Heatpump contracts and each solution comes with a bespoke online controls package to enable us, and our clients to track real time tariffs and energy consumption, as well as manage faults and change operating setpoints online across many different technologies – it’s normal for us to manage a Wind turbine, Solar Cells and a Heatpump solution whereby they all work in tandem and interlink the energy production with energy usage to maximise both energy consumption, and income. 
Our services include : 
Renewable Energy Consultancy 
Photovoltaic Cells 
Estate Energy management 
Calibrate Energy
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