Supporting educational establishments in their heating, chilling and power generation systems.

Heating and cooling school and education buildings can be a costly business. Whether for classrooms, lecture theatres, gymnasiums, swimming pools or boarding facilities, the annual bill can be mouth-watering and a significant overhead to account for.

And with the Government moving towards zero carbon by 2050, hefty gas and electricity use can feel like your carbon footprint is bigger than it needs to be.

How can my school make a difference in this picture?

Evidence shows that more than a third of the UK’s carbon emissions comes from heating so being clean and green is more important than ever. In making the step change to a ground source heat pump for your school, college or university, you will be contributing to reducing that figure creating a different future for the children you are educating.

We will help you to identify your requirements and define a bespoke hassle-free ground source heat pump system to heat your buildings and water. The Government’s Clean Growth Strategy focuses on reducing carbon emissions UK-wide and your school can be a part of that commitment. Let Calibrate help you to switch to greener energy today for a better tomorrow for your children.

  • Would you like to meet the Government’s fossil free schools agenda sooner rather than later?

  • Is your school’s heating system past its best?

  • Are heating and cooling for your school costing the earth?
  • Would you like to reduce your school’s impact on the environment, whilst lowering costs?

Certified and Accredited

Calibrate Energy is MCS accredited and GSHP Association members.
We have also achieved ISO9001 NQA status.

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