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As part of Mitsubishi Electric’s Partner Program, Calibrate Energy is recognised as a leading installer of Mitsubishi Electric products in the UK. The Partner Program itself is designed to raise overall industry standards and assure end-users of a consistently high level of installation and after-sales service that supports Mitsubishi Electric’s systems.

At Calibrate our own business ethos is mirrored by Mitsubishi Electric in that we understand the importance of forging lasting relationships with our suppliers and our clients.

We utilise Mitsubishi Electric products in a number of the energy engineering solutions we provide to our clients. Our mission is to rethink and reshape how energy is more economically utilised and consumed. We do this by reducing our client’s operational expenditure, providing an extra income stream, and by creating a positive impact on their carbon profile.

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Calibrate Energy are Mitsubishi Electric Accredited Installers

Recent Mitsubishi Electric Case Studies:

Dairy Farm, Huddersfield

The dairy farm based in Huddersfield process 1,000,000 litres of milk and cream per week at their processing factory.

Calibrate Energy chose to install a Mitsubishi Electric 998kW Heat Chill Heatpump with 26km of in-ground pipework. This allowed the factory to benefit from the Government-backed 20yr RHI scheme to preheat the pasteurisation process, heat the packing sheds, and hot water.

The installation provided £2,704,043 of projected savings, with a total energy efficiency of 650%.

Holiday Apartment Complex

The Holiday Cottage Complex and Leisure Centre were fitted with a Mitsubishi Electric Air Source Heat pump to heat the pool, spa, radiators, and 1200L of hot water daily for the guests.

The installation of the Heat pump and Solar Thermal system will save £13,300, which will pay off the loan 12 months ahead of the forecasted 5 years, and provide an inflation-adjusted income for a further 16 years of over £200,000.

Arable Farm, Berwick

Berwick-based Arable Farm has seen rapid growth in recent years, resulting in having a Grain Drying requirement of 25,000 tonnes. Partner Ian Douglas approached the Calibrate Energy Engineering team to look at ways they could speed up and streamline their Grain Drying and cooling process. It was agreed that Calibrate’s 1MW Heatpump Heat Chill system seemed like the perfect fit for their 40t/hr Continuous Grain Drying system.

Due to further growth since the first install, they have installed another 6MW ground source heat pump (2 x 3.1 MW Mitsubishi Electric Units).