The chemical and life sciences industry is one of the largest consumers of energy among industrial sectors as well as one of the top emissions-intensive industries.

Heat pumps and Combined Heat and Power (CHP) systems can significantly reduce fossil fuel costs and green house emissions in various chemical industry applications due to the high energy-use required. They are ideal for pre-heating chemicals up to 45 degrees and also drying out raw materials. Whether you are producing fertiliser for the agri-sector or medicines for the pharmaceuticals industry, considering these technologies to drive your processes is well worth your while.

Calibrate’s expertise lies in harnessing the natural energy resources surrounding a building to provide clients with reliable, low-cost heating for commercial applications. We do this through an integrated heat pump or combined heat and power (CHP) system, which is both affordable and worry-free and can be integrated into existing or future renewables. Our bespoke control system enables a hands-off approach and for peace of mind, we offer our clients a 20-year warranty package ensuring there are no surprises with our technology.

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Certified and Accredited

Calibrate Energy is MCS accredited and GSHP Association members.
We have also achieved ISO9001 NQA status.

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