Would you like to meet the Government’s fossil free schools agenda sooner rather than later?

  •  Is your school’s heating system past its best?
  •  Are heating and cooling for your school costing the earth?
  •  Would you like to reduce your school’s impact on the environment, whilst
    lowering costs.

Let Calibrate help you to switch to greener energy today for a better tomorrow for your children.

Why are Calibrate right for your job?
Who are Calibrate?
We are a leading provider of intelligent, low cost and worry free ‘hands off’ heating
systems designed to provide maximum energy and cost savings. Our expertise lies in
harnessing the natural energy resources surrounding a building, to provide reliable, low cost
heating and hot water that can also be used to provide space cooling by simply reversing
the process of space heating. We offer various options for extensive warranty cover for
peace of mind.

► Based on current projections, by 2030, we will be powering the equivalent of all the households in the county of Northumberland or Shropshire or major cities such as Newcastle, Leicester or Brighton!
► Our clients include a diverse range of industries and include farms, hotels, leisure complexes, student accommodation, wedding venues and factories.
► All these systems are powered by our own innovative ‘hands off’ control system,
which means once installed, we promise a stealth system managed remotely by us.
► We can deliver to site a complete containerised plantroom to drive the system, or work with you to integrate into existing or new buildings, with as little disruption as possible.
► Considering new technologies can bring with it a level of anxiety, we will hold your hand along the way. Our step by step feasibility guide identifies everything your school needs from grants/funding to planning permission, and listed building consent to dealing with bats in the belfry!

If your answer is yes to any of these questions, read on, Calibrate can help!

We will help you to identify your requirements and define a bespoke hassle free
ground source heat pump system to heat your buildings and water.
The Government’s Clean Growth Strategy focuses on reducing carbon emissions UK-wide and your school can be a part of that commitment.

A heat pump is an energy efficient heating method that uses a small amount of energy to move heat from one location to another. It’s basically a clever piece of kit that takes the naturally occurring heat in the ground and turns it into space and water heating. These systems reduce emissions but also cut the running costs of the heating solution, it’s a win-win!

How can my school make a difference?

Evidence shows that more that more than a third of the UK’s carbon emissions comes from heating so being clean and green is more important than ever. In making the step change to a ground source heat pump for your school, you will be contributing to reducing that figure.

A recent survey by Zurich Insurance also showed that the same number of school children wanted more education about climate change and sustainability. That is why at Calibrate, we believe very passionately that educating children on the difference we can make our carbon footprint, ensures that we are protecting the planet for the next generation.

A heat pump installation at a school is an exciting learning opportunity. We want children to be part of that journey and welcome engagement with the school curriculum to provide educational support.

We can time-lapse videos of various stages of the installation for use in lessons and live video feeds so that the children can see key areas as they happen and bombard us with questions. We can also offer age-appropriate talks to explain what a ground source heat pump is and how it works, for the mini scientists or engineers of the future.

What do I do next?

Get in touch with our sales team on:

North and Scotland representative:

[email protected] / 07719330616

South and Wales representative:

[email protected] / 07367070271

Even if your heating system is not past its sell-by date, it may still be economically viable to switch to a ground source heat pump as a more energy efficient system. We will provide advice and arrange to do a feasibility study, which takes just 21 days end-to-end, and will provide you with all the knowledge and assurance you need to make the right decision.

*All formulas and calculations are derived from industry suppliers and MCS guidelines. It is advisable to have the calculations and formulas checked by a certified mechanical engineer, and as such, Calibrate Inc. Ltd (Company # 08277206) will not be held liable for any incorrect formulas or calculations or any accidental misrepresentation.


**Figures quoted take into account pre-2021 RHI tariff rates.