Intelligent Hands Off Heat Pump Systems

Calibrate Energy Engineering is a leading provider of intelligent ‘hands off’ heat pump systems, designed to provide maximum energy and cost savings for commercial businesses.


Our expertise lies in harnessing the natural energy resources surrounding a building to provide clients with reliable, low cost heating for commercial applications. We do this through an integrated heat pump system which is both affordable and worry free, with long term maintenance cover available for peace of mind.

Our bespoke control system enables government tariff to be maximised and the system can be easily integrated alongside other renewables.

Maintenance and Extended Warranty

Calibrate understands the importance of peace of mind, we offer our clients a 20 year warranty package ensuring there are no surprises with our technology.

The bespoke Control Package remotely manages the Heatpump, integrating it with other renewables if they are present and enabling a ‘hands off’ approach as well as real time tariff generation and power consumption readings.

Demand Side Response (DSR)

DSR financially incentivises energy users to increase or reduce on demand non-essential energy usage at times of peak or low demand.

Why is demand response needed?

The National Grid has to maintain a certain level of energy production capacity above actual demand. DSR is designed to provide the margin, either by increasing or decreasing site energy use.

What are the benefits of demand side response to you?

The primary business arguments for DSR are financial renumeration and sustainability. DSR not only allows businesses to avoid higher energy prices and receive renumeration during times on and off peak demand.

To find out what the demand side response financial renumeration could mean to your business contact Calibrate for more information.

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