Heatpump Heat / Chill by the Experts in Energy Engineering

Turn your investment into an income with a Heatpump Heat / Chill system from Calibrate and enjoy a ‘Hands Off’ Heatpump solution from the energy engineering experts.

A Calibrate control system manages a revolutionary Heat / Chill process. The Heatpump is located in a customised plant room delivered to site ready to use. A bespoke controller operates the technology via a cloud based system enabling Calibrate to monitor all aspects of the process.

What is a heatpump Heat / Chill system?

A Heatpump Heat / Chill system uses Heat naturally occurring in the ground, the Heat is increased with a 350% efficient Heatpump to the required Heating output. A by-product of the Heatpump’s Heating cycle is Chilled water, this is used to Chill the milk through a one pass plate exchanger bringing the milk from 18°C to 3.5°C. Using this system the milk is at storage temperature less than 5 minutes from leaving the cow. A normally costly process is therefore being done for free using the Heating by-product.

How it works – Heat / Chill example:

By Heating the hot water and dairy parlour, you have your milk Chilled by the GSHP’s by-product that is Chilled water, for free. A bespoke controller operates the Heat / Chill solution via a cloud-based system enabling Calibrate to monitor all aspects of the process and tariff generation meters online. This system is independent from your existing refrigeration giving you 100% back up. Designed in the UK by Heatpump and refrigeration engineers.