The Calibelt Dryer

The Calibelt Dryer is a self-contained variable speed-driven meshed belt dryer suitable for any product from food grade through to digestate.

It is ideal for many industries including agriculture, wood processing, compost production, recycling and waste management, food and chemicals and ensures the highest product quality is maintained.


Waste | Digestate | Compost | Ash | Manure | Wood Shavings | Hops | Shells and Husks Fruit | Vegetables | Pulses | Nuts | Eggshells | Cereals | Flowers | Pet Food | Paper

What are the benefits of the Calibelt Dryer?

  • Self-contained – no need for a building to house it
  • Modularised – can easily add on
  • Easy to install – compact and plugin
  • Airflow – all round for maximum efficiency
  • Low dust generation – thanks to air being forced through the belt and material
  • High temperature resistant belt
  • 12-month warranty, or simply add it to the extended warranty based upon hours run
  • Economical and efficient solution for all your drying needs

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