Project Description

Breamish Valley Holiday Cottage Complex & Leisure Facilities

The Introduction.

A combined Air Source Heatpump and Solar Thermal system was installed at the holiday complex to heat the pool, spa, air heating, radiators and 1200L of hot water daily.

The Figures.

Each year the Heatpump and Solar Thermal system will earn / save £13,300. This will pay of the loan in 4 years which is 12 months below the forecasted 5 years, and provide an inflation adjusted income for a further 16 years of over £200,000.

The Conclusion.

After under promising and over delivering on the project at Breamish Valley, the Air Source Heatpump and Solar Thermal system ended up 25% better than the original forecast.

I found Calibrate Energy to be extremely professional, I am very happy with the workmanship and would give the overall experience a rating of 5 out of 5.

Peter Moralee Senior, Breamish Valley

Project Details


July 2014


Breamish Valley Cottages


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