Air Filtration Screens

Save time and money and protect your valuable assets!

If your heat exchangers look like this, this is costing you time and money. Your energy costs will be higher, it will increase your down time, add extra repairs, all leading to reduced productivity and profitability.

This is all time that could be spent on other things! We are aware of this problem in dusty agricultural environments and as such, we now supply and fit air filtration screens for use on Ground Source Heat Pumps, Combined Heat & Power systems, Biomass and gas engine generators to protect them from the daily dust build up common in processing environments.

These innovative screens will protect your assets and keep them running longer and better without time-consuming and costly cleaning and maintenance. This simple and effective cover will improve efficiency and save energy by stopping airborne particles and debris clogging your valuable assets.

How do air filtration screens work?

  • The screen is a filter made from engineered mesh compound of polymer and polypropylene
  • Polyester is negatively charged and polyester and polypropylene is positively charged
  • Air movement causes the mesh to create electrostatic charge
  • Particles in the air are attracted to the charge and are captured by the mesh, which is easy to clean, reducing service and maintenance time and costs
  • Easy removal for cleaning

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Certified and Accredited

Calibrate Energy is MCS accredited and GSHP Association members.
We have also achieved ISO9001 NQA status.

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