Shane McDonald  
Managing Director 
Contact Shane 
01665 578 638 
Internationally recognised industry leader with 19 years experience within the industry. Shane is a qualified industrial refrigeration and controls engineer. He has project managed many large industrial sites from the dairy farming sector through to underground mine installations. 
• Why Renewable Energy? I really enjoy the integration of the Heatpump sytems we design and install. As a result my hands on background enables me to work on the more complex projects. I really enjoy the large scale works we do and relish the challenges we face on these projects. 
• Key Skills: Bringing together the various aspects of the business so everyone is passionate and motivated by their role, and moving forward together towards individual and company goals. 
• Qualifications and Professional Experience: Industrial Refrigeration and Electrical Engineer. Combined with being a business owner for over 10 years, I bring a lot of experience and expertise to the team. 
• Interests: Renewable Energy! Water sports, snowboarding, trail bike riding and renovating properties. 
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